The assessment of employees is useful in both situations: in the process of selecting a new employee and during decision-making about the current employees’ career opportunities and their training.

The assessment of the potential employee by using various psychological and different competence tests reduces the probability of choosing an inappropriate candidate.

The assessment of current employees helps to make effective decisions during the formation of successful team. It builds a motivational system, plans career stages and solves other personnel control questions.

Spheres of assessment:

  • analysis of personality type and personality traits;
  • compatibility analysis of personality features, tendencies and requirements for the job;
  • analysis of professional single-mindedness and personality interests;
  • finding out the style of leadership;
  • analysis of the conflict resolution skills;
  • evaluating the roles in a team;
  • evaluating the work motivation and training, improvement demand;
  • analysis of thinking, attention peculiarities and intellect efficiency;
  • analysis of common sense;
  • evaluation of professional knowledge, skills and competences.