Language courses for companies. We help people of different age and profession to learn the foreign language or to develop the existing knowledge. This enables the more effective communication with the foreign partners as well as clients, the better understanding of the specific literature, gives more confidence upon communicating in the foreign language.

Learning the foreign language is a must in order to survive in the contemporary competitive labour market.

Considering all mentioned above and on the base of different needs of staff of companies, we offer the following language courses:

  • General English
  • Business English

We are able to prepare courses under the sphere of specialisation of a company (group) or other needs. We recommend courses of 72 academic hours (6 months). It is the most optimal period to observe the advance and assess the results. The knowledge assessment tests are taken during courses and the final examination is to be passed at the end of the course.

The foreign language courses are organised twice a week (duration – 2 academic hours). Concrete dates are to be decided in advance.

After the successful final examination, the certificate, evidencing the language level, is issued.

Language courses for natural persons. People are learning the foreign language with different intentions: some of them desire to be successful in the labour market, while others seek for a better communication possibilities and opportunities to know the surrounding world better. It is never too late to start learning the foreign language; therefore our aim is to help people to get the advantage of learning the foreign language and being able to change the own future.

Programmes of the foreign language courses have been designed for small groups (up to 10 participants). People are appointed to groups under strict criterions: aims and needs are identified, the level of knowledge is determined. Later the plan of teaching the foreign language is developed and the most appropriate programme for learning the foreign language is appointed. Methods, applied during the courses guarantee the quality learning / teaching with a constant observation as well as assessment of the advance. Courses are presented by experienced, motivated lecturers. Courses are organised twice a week. Morning and evening groups are formed.

After the successful final examination, the certificate, evidencing the language level, is issued.

Individual language courses. Upon selection of this type of the course – the most appropriate learning time, duration and intensity can be selected. Individual attention of a lecturer, the programme, maximally matched to needs of a learner as well as the intensive work ensures the success and advance. Lecturers for the individual language learning are selected under the knowledge and skills of a client as well as his / her learning aims.

A person, wishing to learn is presented the individual foreign language learning programme. During the course not only the course books are used – lecturers use various other sources of information and present the most relevant information.

We recommend the course of 2 academic hours twice a week. Such intensity guarantees excellent skills and knowledge. The course can be organised at any time from 8 AM to 7 PM.