Translations. We offer professional translation services to / from many languages. All translations are implemented by translators with a philological education and a solid working experience. We are oriented towards the quality long-term cooperation. We are punctual upon implementing translations of your documents.

We can translate various texts: legal, economic, medical, and technical as well as fiction and different documents (diplomas, certificates and etc.). We can certify the translation by the company seal; the legal validation is also possible.

Translations are accepted and given by e-mail, fax or can be printed, saved to data storage devices.

Validation of translations. he validity of documents is confirmed by the signature of a translator, the seal of a company and at the Notary (upon request).

Interpretation services. We offer services of direct interpretation and telephone interpretation. In case you need an interpreter during your business meetings, at the notary, in conference or if you need a help of a professional for the telephone conversation, please contact us.

We can translate to / from the following languages:

  • Lithuanian;
  • English;
  • Russian;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Latvian;
  • Enquiries are to be sent for other languages.

Prices. Calculation for the page (1700 characters).

Translation to / from Price, Eur
English, Russian, German 9,00
Other languages 13,00
Translations on the same day +50%